Getting Started

All Efficient Home Services Packages Are Designed To Help You Give A Little Back To Our Environment As Well As Your Bank Account. Solar Panel Installation Is Only One Of The Unique Energy Saving Solutions We Offer Customers. Our Free Energy Evaluation Will Determine Where And Why Your Home Wastes Energy And Our Custom Home Energy Packages Will Focus On How To Stop Those Inefficiencies And Save You Money.

Free Energy Evaluation

Our EHS experts will come to your home to assess how much energy your home uses inefficiently.


Our experts will determine what State and Federal tax reductions you qualify for.


The EHS design team will find the best energy efficient products to enhance your home based on your budget.


Our expert installers will arrive at your home for a same-day set up.

Power Up

Your energy saving products will be ready for use and to begin your energy savings!

Our 50 point detailed inspection will allow our experts to get down to exactly what is costing you money in your home. A Free Energy Evaluation can help you save hundreds on your energy bill. See how just a few simple changes make all the difference. Our experts will check for a variety of common household energy wasting areas (some listed below). You can purchase alone or combine with solar for the ultimate energy optimization!
  • AC Vent Temperatures
  • Light Bulb Temperatures
  • AC Efficiency
  • Electrical Wiring
  • How Much Power Your Home Uses
  • Door/Window Air Leaks
  • Hot/Cold Spots
  • Proper Ventilation
  • Attic Temperature
  • Insulation Levels

Seventy Five Percent

Appliances With Motors Can Account For Up To 75% Of Your Total Energy Costs.

An Average Of 25 To 30% Of Air Is Lost Due To Poor Insulation.

Twenty Five to Thirty Percent

The March Issue Of National Geographic Shows A Thermal Image Of A Home’s Energy Loss With Typical Mass Insulation.

Residential Energy Loss Thermal

We already know the fastest, least expensive way to slow climate change: Use less energy. With a little effort, and not much money, most of us could reduce our energy diets by 25 percent or more— doing the Earth a favor while also helping our pocketbooks. So what’s holding us back?

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