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For over ten years we have been helping customers make their homes as energy-efficient as possible. During that time we’ve earned a reputation for being honest, dependable. Another thing we love is that we get to help our customers save money with their energy bills month after month, and year after year. Though solar companies across the lone star state are aplenty, we only use the highest quality solar panels, have the most qualified technicians, offer the best and longest warranties, but your satisfaction is our #1 concern. We help people live more efficiently, meaning they have more time to create family moments, more money to spend, and more memories to create in an energy efficient home.

When weather like afternoon thunderstorms or natural disasters such as hurricanes strike you can be rest assured your solar energy will be there for you. During those times of outages that is a priceless piece of mind. And your solar panel battery storage system provided you with this. During any type of outage a solar panel battery storage system like the Generac Battery Storage System will protect you. We also offer solar panels, and other solutions to help you, your family, and your business run efficiently and safely, no matter what the Texas weather brings.

Currently, Texas is #2 in the SEIA rankings for solar power. Thanks to the 43% decrease in price, Texas is projected to be #1 within the next 5 years. Based on 2020 SEIA data there are more than 110,000 installations and over a million homes are powered by solar. The state has also invested over $11 billion dollars in solar.

Texas Solar Rebate

Cut the cost of going solar with the generous solar rebates Texas has to offer. Though there isn’t a state-wide program yet, several local utility companies throughout Texas offer their own. Dallas/Fort Worth residents have two companies that offer these rebates. They are AEP Texas North Company and Oncor Electric Delivery. 

If you have Oncor every grid-connected solar panel system that has been approved is eligible for incentives. The incentive you may receive is calculated on your home’s individual solar panel system. And 1 kW is the minimum size for residential systems.

With AEP homeowners who are eligible may receive an incentive of $.70 per watt, and up to $7,000. And 10 kW is the max residential solar panel system is eligible for.

EHS Solar

Texas Renewable Energy Property Tax Exemption

When you add value to your home in any way your tax bills rise but not with solar. 100% of the sales tax of a new home solar installation is exempt, even though it can raise the value of your home by almost 5% or $10,000.

So no extra property taxes, and added home value to homes in Florida! This is thanks to Florida’s Property Tax Exclusion for Residential Renewable Energy Property.

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Texas Solar Rights Law

Texas passed a solar access law defined by Texas Tax Code Section 171.107 that protects homeowners rights to go solar. This prohibits HOA’s and POA’s from restricting homeowners from installing solar energy devices. The HOA’s and POA’s can however designate the location of placement on the roofs. But if it is proven to raise your home’s estimated annual energy production by more than 10% you can petition for an alternate location on your roof.

Net Metering in Texas

What is Net Metering you ask? It’s a solar incentive from the power company that can save you extra money. Net Metering is a system that allows homeowners to buy and sell electricity to the power company. When your solar panels make more electricity than your home is using, you actually sell that extra electricity back to the power company. During some months of the year you will create more electricity than you use. That amount of energy is then deducted from your monthly bill or can be credited toward a future bill in the same calendar year. 

Net metering is currently offered throughout the state of Texas- including the Dallas/Fort Worth area. You will benefit from the net metering program as long as your solar panels are connected to the utility grid.

The utility companies in Dallas/Fort Worth that provide net metering for their customers are:

  • Green Mountain Energy
  • MP2 Energy
  • Reliant
  • TXU

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