Solar Panels Fort Myers

Solar Panels Fort Myers FLCan solar panels on your Fort Myers, Florida, home really help you lower your monthly electric bill? Efficient Home Services of Florida answers with a resounding yes. We are team of extensively trained home energy pros with years of experience providing homeowners throughout West Central Florida the products and services that give them lasting relief from high energy bills.

Our service starts with a free home energy evaluation to assess how efficiently your household consumes electricity. This means that we will examine every part of your Fort Myers, FL, house for factors that might be increasing your monthly energy expenses. As part of this evaluation, we also take a look at your last 12 months of energy bills to see how much you’re spending on electricity every day. We will then recommend a package of upgrades that are guaranteed to reduce your energy costs day after day, month after month.

Our recommended upgrades may likely include solar panels.  When our factory-trained technicians install these durable panels, you’re sure to see smaller electric bills for years to come because:

  • With solar panels on your home, you will rely less on the electric grid, thereby using fewer kilowatts and saving money
  • Our specialists will orient your panels on the west or south side of your roof for peak capture of solar energy
  • Engineered for long-lasting functionality, our panels can withstand hurricane-force winds and impact from hail and flying debris

For even more confidence in your investment, our solar panels are backed by a 25-year performance warranty. Contact Efficient Home Services of Florida when you’re ready to start enjoying the cost-saving benefit of our solar panels, and be sure to ask us about our financing options for qualified Fort Myers, FL, homeowners.

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