Professional Solar Panel Installation Offered to Homeowners in Fort Myers, FL

Solar Panel Installation Fort Myers Solar panel installation has helped scores of homeowners across the United States shave significant amounts of money off their monthly energy bill. In the Fort Myers, Florida, area, Efficient Home Services of Florida brings similar cost-savings to residents by providing expert installation of home energy products, including solar panels.

When you reach out to EHS for help with reducing your electricity costs, we will conduct a complete evaluation of your Fort Myers, FL, home in order to pinpoint areas of energy inefficiency. We will also study your electric bill to see how much you’re spending on electricity every day.  We will then create a customized package of upgrades to help save you money, which might include solar panel installation.

You can expect our panels to provide you with many years of service as they are engineered for longevity and are rated to withstand hurricane-force winds and impacts from hail and other flying debris. Furthermore, our panels:

  • Will be installed by technicians whose primary focus is solar panel installation, which ensures that your panels will be seated properly and securely to your roof
  • Are low-profile, with no visible wires, for a neater appearance than bulky conventional panels
  • Are backed by a 25-year performance warranty to give you extra assurance that your investment is protected

At EHS, we also provide outstanding customer service. At any time during the first 12 months after installation, if your solar panels aren’t yielding the savings we promised, we will come to your home to address the problem.

For more information about our solar panel installation service, or to schedule a free energy evaluation of your Fort Myers, FL, home, contact Efficient Home Services of Florida today.

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