Solar Panels in Florida

Solar Panel Companies Sarasota FLWe always hear about how important it is to the environment to explore other forms of energy. What are we doing about it? We continue to depend on fossil fuels! At Efficient Home Services, we believe in doing our part in the community to change that. As one of the most trusted solar panel companies in the state of Florida, we give homeowners first-rate products and services that are guaranteed to scale back their reliance on the energy grid. One of the most effective means of realizing energy savings, and thus, cost savings, is solar panel installation, a top-tier EHS service.

EHS sends a technician to your home to examine it from top to bottom. They will be able to find any areas of energy inefficiency. Taking into consideration your energy bills for the last 12 months and how much energy your household consumes, they are able to identify areas of improvement. They will create a plan of upgrades designed to lower your electricity bill so you can save money!

Solar Panels Can Lead to Appreciable Savings

Part of the upgrade plan includes solar panels that which engineered for long-lasting functionality and are rated to withstand high impacts and hurricane-force winds. This means you can count on them to yield cost savings for a very long time. Add to that the fact that all of our installations are performed by solar panel specialists who will seat your panels securely and position them for peak capture of solar energy. And, during the first 12 months following installation, if for some unexpected reason you’re not saving the amount of money we promised, we will come to your home to correct the problem.

Every installation we do is backed with a 25-year performance warranty. When you’re ready to start enjoying the energy-saving benefit of our solar panels, contact Efficient Home Services today. We want to help you conserve today for a better tomorrow.

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