Save Money On Your Power Bill With Sarasota Solar Energy Systems

Solar Energy System SarasotaIf you’ve reduced your electricity costs one month only to see it climb the next, you’ll be happy to know that Efficient Home Services of Florida offers products and services that are real and lasting energy solutions. We are home energy professionals who have helped countless homeowners in the Sarasota area save money by cutting back on their electricity consumption, and we can do the same for you by installing our top-tier solar energy system.

At EHS, your journey to cost savings begins with our complimentary home energy evaluation. We will meticulously inspect every room in your house, including your garage, in order to pinpoint areas that may be negatively affecting your energy bills. We will then devise a package of home upgrades to address all of your home’s problem areas. One of the most effective energy-saving upgrades we recommend is our solar panel installation. The panels we install:

  • Will be properly affixed to your roof by technicians whose primary focus is solar panels
  • Are low-profile, with no visible wires, for a neat appearance that will maintain your home’s curb appeal
  • Can withstand hurricane-strength winds and impacts from flying debris, so you can expect your panels to provide years of dependable functionality

After we install your panels, we will track your electricity use for the next 12 months. During that time, at no charge to you, we will fix any problems with your panels that may be preventing you from seeing the cost-savings we promised.

Contact Efficient Home Services of Florida to learn more about cost-efficient solar Sarasota homeowners depend on for reduced energy costs.

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