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Solar Energy Companies TampaSolar panels are a proven energy-saving solution, and if you’re looking to save money on energy expenses, you will find that you have a number of solar energy companies to choose from. So how do you decide which company can give you lasting energy savings? As many industry experts would advise, it’s best to choose a reputable company that offers top-of-the line products and services, and has a long track record of customer satisfaction. In the Tampa area, that means choosing Efficient Home Services of Florida. So if you are looking for solar energy companies Tampa then look no further!

Solar Panels that Help You Save Money

Conserve energy today for a better tomorrow. At Efficient Home Services of Florida, that’s our motto, which drives our mission. As part of this mission, we offer customers a free home energy audit that identifies any areas of energy wastage. To help you save money on energy, we recommend products such attic insulation, energy-efficient HVAC units, and, of course, solar panels.

The panels we install are some of the most durable on the market. You can count on them to provide energy savings through the years given that they are engineered for long-lasting performance and are built to withstand even hurricane-force winds. What’s more, when you choose us to install your panels, you can expect:

  • Low-profile panels with no wires visible, for a streamlined appearance on your roof
  • Reduced reliance on the electrical grid, allowing you to save money by using fewer kilowatts
  • That only comprehensively trained technicians will install your new panels to ensure that they function flawlessly from day one

Along with these benefits, you’ll receive industry leading customer service. During the first 12 months following installation, if your panels fail to yield the cost-savings we promised, we will promptly come to your home to address any issues at no charge to you.

Contact Efficient Home Services today to schedule an energy audit of your Tampa home, and discover why we are one of the area’s premier solar energy companies.

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