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    Q.ANTUM Technologuy Solar Installation in Florida

    • Q.ANTUM TECHNOLOGY: LOW LEVELIZED COST OF ELECTRICITY : Higher yield per surface area, lower BOS costs, higher power classes, and an efficiency rate of up to 19.5 %.
    • INNOVATIVE ALL-WEATHER TECHNOLOGY: Optimal yields, whatever the weather with excellent low-light and temperature behavior.
    • ENDURING HIGH PERFORMANCE: Long-term yield security with Anti LID and Anti PID Technology1, Hot-Spot Protect and Traceable Quality Tra.Q™.
    • EXTREME WEATHER RATING: High-tech aluminum alloy frame, certified for high snow (5400 Pa) and wind loads (4000 Pa). A RELIABLE INVESTMENT Inclusive 25-year product warranty and 25-year linear performance warranty2.
    • STATE OF THE ART MODULE TECHNOLOGY Q.ANTUM DUO: combines cutting edge cell separation and innovative wiring with Q.ANTUM Technology.
    Solar Power Panels Tampa

    Discover the Benefits of Q Cells Solar Panel Installation with EHS

    Q.ANTUM Technology gives extra charge to average solar cells and modules. Q.ANTUM delivers superior performance within real-world conditions like hurricanes or Florida weather. Q.ANTUM is built to generate more power when the sun is rising, setting, or even on gloomy days. There are higher yields of energy in the middle of sunny summers, and even during seasons when the sun is not as prevalent. Low-light performance is of the most advanced, while the output of Q.ANTUM technology modules across all temperatures brings you higher profits.

    • The Q.ANTUM technology will be installed by a team whose main focus is solar panel installation.
    • Your home’s appearance will be preserved, as we maintain a low-profile appearance and will be installed with no wires showing.
    • We will come to your home for free during the first 12 months following the installation to address any unexpected concerns.

    Also, you will have the confidence of knowing your Q.ANTUM Duo solar panels is protected by our 25-year performance warranty. For more information about the advantages of using solar energy, or to schedule a free energy evaluation of your home, contact Efficient Home Services of Florida today. Interested in hearing more? Call us today: 844-278-0815


    What our customers have to say

    Flawless experience from EHS! We were very impressed with the quality of install on our home. Everyone that I gave dealt with has been very professional and I have already referred my realtor to them as well.


    Roland was absolutely the best solar consultant you could have! He always made himself available for questions (even on the weekends) and was knowledgeable in all aspects of solar technology. He made us feel comfortable the whole time and never pressured us. We could not be more satisfied. Highly recommend this company. He was truly a professional and represented his company well.


    Thanks to my rep Faustino who has gone above and beyond his service. I was very frustrated earlier with an issue and he took the time to sit down with me to explain in detail , offer resolution, make recommendations and take the necessary changes to improve the efficiency of our system. It was greatly appreciated and I am happy with the outcome. Thanks to Faustino. EHS is back in our good graces.

    Teresa Rolls

    The install team did an excellent job installing the solar on my home. Everyone that I have come in contact with with this company has been very helpful and knowledgeable. The longest part of the project was getting Duke out to change my meter.

    Gary C.

    This process for getting our solar system set up was extremely easy! Dealing with Haines city for inspections was a pain but we are happy that our system is on now. The install crew completed the project all in one day and they were very professional!

    Linda R.

    This was by far the best company to work with! Everyone is so efficient and friendly. All of our questions were answered quickly and completely. Kim in the office is amazing and Ro was super friendly and knowledgeable! We highly recommend this company!

    Lynn Hendricks

    I had an install 4-10-17 of Thermal Guard (reflective roof barrier), solar attic fan, blow-in insulation, eco-box. the attic temp before installation was 130 degrees at 1:00pm. Today during post inspection follow-up the attic temperature was 90 degrees at 1:00 pm. Wow! The installers were prompt, courteous, quick, efficient, cleaned up before leaving. EHS will track my electric bills for 1 year for effectiveness. The sales person (Chris) was knowledgeable, courteous. I am very happy with my investment.

    L. Zambito

    I had 22 solar panels installed the project manager was a huge help keeping things moving. She was on top of everything and kept me up to date. Between installing, inspection, and finally getting duke to install my meter it was a long process. But Amber was on top of it the whole way.

    Cory White

    Dana came to our home today and explained the products, government rebates, and financing very thoroughly!! I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in home improvements!!!

    Ellen Meister

    Very professional, great work and it looks amazing! Highly recommend!

    Alyssa Muller

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