Meet Your New Energy Bill!

Getting Started with Efficient Home Services

Going green is a big decision to make. It’s one of necessity as going ‘green’ affects so many things in our lives from reducing our carbon footprint to saving us money. By making the decision to have a ‘green’ home EHS feels that you’ve taken the first and most important step. From this point an EHS expert will come to your home and properly diagnose your home’s energy consumption levels.

The free in-home audit will provide the necessary information detailing your home’s inefficiencies. Our EHS expert will go over the assessment and will then explain how to fix the inefficiencies and how EHS will do it in a budget-friendly manner for you. This will inform you of exactly how much you can expect to save for both energy and money. By discussing the best energy-efficient products based on your budget the EHS team can design an energy savings plan tailored just for you. And in one day the EHS team will then come and install your home’s new energy-efficient products. By switching to solar energy you’ll begin to start saving money immediately.

EHS Solar

Here’s How To Save on Energy Costs

Significantly Reduce Your Electric Bill with Solar Energy!

The top reason that homeowners typically decide to make the switch to solar is to significantly reduce their electric bills. And the reduction of one of your largest monthly expenses makes perfect sense, right?

How do you fix this problem?

Simple. You go solar.

By switching to solar you can completely eliminate or drastically decrease your electric bill. On average, a monthly electric bill of $100 will add up to be a $1,200 annual expense. Over the course of 20 years, that same $100 bill that might not seem “too high” will turn into $24,000 paid to your local utility company.

Predictable electric bill? No electric bill? No way!


By installing a solar system with EHS, you can fix your unpredictable and constantly changing electricity costs and make them more predictable each month. So much so that your monthly electricity costs will no longer be a significant factor in your budget. Since electricity prices will continue to rise, the savings you see will continuously grow every year over the lifetime of your solar system.

Tired of rising utility costs?

Protect yourself!

Over the past 10 years, electricity prices have risen by an average of 3% each year. By making the switch and installing a solar system this protects you against these rising prices and makes your monthly bills more predictable, therefore easier to budget. This elimination or significant decrease of expenses will ultimately save you money in the long run.

The Cost Of Purchasing Solar – Don’t Be Misinformed!

A common misconception is that in order to purchase a solar system for your home you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money upfront. With new laws being passed, more incentives and rebates being offered, and with prices steadily dropping solar systems are becoming more affordable for homeowners.

You’ve exchanged one expense for another, but your new expense is:

  • Predictable
  • Lower than your pre-solar electric bill
  • Consistency over time, without any fluctuations or increases

Solar Loans

No matter your budget solar panel systems are a great way for you to save money! 

If you can afford to pay your electricity bill every month, you can afford to install a solar panel system through EHS. With a $0-down solar loan from EHS, you can finance your system and see immediate savings. Through our finance options the loan payments are lower than your original, non-solar electricity bill, plus you can still make use of the 30% federal tax credit. 

The EHS Guarantee

To give you peace of mind in entrusting your home to us, we offer an exclusive guarantee. From day one of installation your monthly expenses will be reduced. Your monthly energy costs will no longer fluctuate. They will simply be the monthly amount of your loan or lease payment. And to ensure this we will track your energy bills for the first 12 months after installing our upgrades. If we fail to lower your monthly energy cost by the amount we promised, as part of this guarantee we will give you back the difference between what you used to pay and the amount you’re paying after our upgrades. We are confident, however, that the addition of new solar panels, attic insulation, or other recommended energy-efficient upgrades will yield the savings you seek.

The EHS 5-Step Process

1. Free Energy Evaluation

Our EHS experts will come to your home to assess how much energy your home uses inefficiently.

2. Savings Plan

Our EHS experts will provide a thorough energy savings plan tailored to you and your home.

3. Energy Design

The EHS design team will find the best energy-efficient products to enhance your home.

4. Installation

You can expect a same-day set up by our EHS expert installers.

5. Power Up

Now your energy-saving products are ready for use and your energy-savings can begin!


Free Home Energy Evaluation

See how many $1000’s you can be saving!