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What Are Some of the Main Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

What Are Some of the Main Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

What Are Some of the Main Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

There are many factors that account for the rise in popularity of residential solar energy systems. In fact, there are now 1.3 million solar installations across the United States, with a cumulative capacity of over 40 gigawatts. The Solar Energy Industries Association estimates that 1 megawatt of electricity can power 164 homes, so 40 gigawatts is enough capacity to power 6,560,000 U.S. households. Everything from environmental concerns to lowered energy bills may prove motivation enough for most consumers to make the switch over to solar energy. If you’ve been wondering what some of the main benefits of solar panels are, then read our list below.

Installing solar panels contributes to long term environmental well being

It’s no surprise that traditional energy systems have taken a toll on the health of the environment. With outdated forms of energy production, traditional energy systems often produce harmful byproducts that lead to environmental issues such as the emission of greenhouse gases, global warming, and the melting of the polar ice caps. When confronted with this harsh reality, it’s logical to assume that most people may want to mitigate these effects with their residential energy usage. Thankfully, installing solar panels is one of the best ways to limit your environmental impact and contribute to an even wider availability of solar energy options.

Installing solar panels can save you money on your bills each month

If you’re not motivated by the environmental advantages, then chances are you will be motivated to switch to a solar energy system when you see how much money it can save you on your monthly utility bill. While there are costs associated with the installation process, the majority of consumers find that with the savings they build up, they are able to cover installation costs in a small window of time. After this point, all your monthly energy savings are going directly into your pocket. As an added incentive, many power companies offer energy credits and bonuses for making the switch to a solar energy system. These programs help offset the costs of installation.

Installing solar panels helps you reduce your power consumption

Anyone who is looking to lower the amount of power they use around the house on a day to day basis would be wise to look to installing solar panels. Not only do solar energy systems help you to track and monitor your energy usage more closely, but they also provide you with the advantage of using less power than traditional energy systems. As solar panels for homes become more affordable and accessible, the technology will only continue to improve overall energy efficiency even further. This is excellent news for anyone who is looking to reduce their power consumption around the house.

Of course, installing solar panels in your home is just one of many steps that you can take to lower your day to day energy usage. Replacing any old light bulbs with newer, energy-efficient light bulbs, for example, can really add up to significant energy savings over time. Monitoring any areas where air may be allowed to enter or exit your home is also key. This means patching up any holes near doorways or windows that may be leading to excess energy waste. Having your insulation inspected and updated can also help you to rein in your energy consumption. When you combine these techniques with the installation of a new residential solar panel system, you will be astonished at just how much energy you can save around the house.

If you’re interested in having a residential solar energy system installed, then it’s crucial that you choose an energy supplier you know you can trust. Without the right supplier, it’s tough (even nearly impossible) to know whether or not you’re getting the best deal on your solar energy system. Furthermore, a trusted supplier can provide you with industry insights and any specific concerns related to your home and your property.

When you choose Efficient Home Services, you can rest assured that you’ll have a team of experienced energy professionals by your side when you’re installing solar panels for your home. No job is too big or too small. 

Not sure how to take the first step toward having a new solar energy system installed? Simply call us at 844-933-4392 to get in touch with a member of our team today for more information. 

What Are Some of the Main Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

What Are Some of the Main Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?


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