Efficient Home Services of Florida Leads the Way in Installing Solar Panels for Sarasota Residents

Installing Solar Panels SarasotaWhen it comes to installing solar panels, few companies in the Sarasota area can match Efficient Home Services of Florida’s enviable combination of top-tier products and outstanding workmanship. We are an experienced team of professionals fully committed to energy conservation, which means that when you turn to us for solar panel installation, you can be confident we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with proven energy-saving solutions.

EHS can outfit your home with low-profile solar panels as part of a package of home energy upgrades. Our extensively trained technicians will inspect every part of your house for factors that might be negatively affecting your energy costs. During your home energy evaluation, we will also study your last 12 months of electricity bills to calculate how much money you’re spending on electricity every day. We then use all the information we gathered to devise real solutions that will help you conserve energy.

Years of Energy Savings

We aim to make your dream of a smaller energy bill a reality by installing solar panels that:

  • Are engineered to provide years of functionality and are rated to withstand high-force winds and impacts from hail and flying debris
  • Will reduce your reliance on the electric grid, which means you’ll use fewer kilowatts and potentially reap big savings on electricity
  • We will provide service right away if there is any problem preventing our panels from delivering the energy savings we promised

What’s more, our solar panels are covered by a 25-year performance warranty to give you total assurance that your investment is protected. Contact Efficient Home Services of Florida today if you’re ready to start enjoying the cost-saving services of one of the finest energy companies installing solar panels in the Sarasota area.

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