Save On Energy Costs With Sarasota Solar Panels

House Solar Panels SarasotaWhen Efficient Home Services of Florida outfits your Sarasota house with solar panels, your benefits begin from day one. That’s because we are solar energy specialists. Our panel installation projects are performed only by experienced technicians whose primary focus is solar panels. From mounting your panels securely to orienting them on the west or south side of your roof for peak capture of solar energy, our technicians adhere to the best industry practices to help you achieve the energy savings you seek.

Quality Products & Service

At EHS, we strive to provide our customers with rugged and reliable solar products. Our solar panels are built for exceptional longevity and can withstand all that Mother Nature throws their way, including hurricane-strength winds and impacts from hail and flying debris. This means you can expect them to give you many years of energy-saving performance. In addition:

  • Our panels are low-profile for a more streamlined appearance than conventional panels.
  • Your new panels will come with a 25-year performance warranty for peace of mind in your purchase.
  • During the first 12 months following installation, if our panels are not providing you with the cost savings we promised, we will promptly come to your home to address the issue.

Furthermore, our solar panels are ENERGY STAR® qualified, a distinction given to energy efficient products that help homeowners save money. Contact Efficient Home Services of Florida today for more information about Sarasota solar panels installation, and be sure to ask us about our energy-savings guarantee.

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