Efficient Home Services of Florida Has the Perfect Solar Panel System for Your Home in Fort Myers

Solar System for Home Fort MyersA quick internet search will show that there are several companies offering solar panel installation in the Fort Myers area. So, how do you know which one to choose? Efficient Home Services of Florida has a track record of success that should give you confidence in your decision to choose us. Since 2011, our energy solutions have put scores of Florida homeowners on the road to lasting cost savings. When you turn to us, not only can we provide you with a top-notch solar panel system for your home but we can guarantee that it will help you conserve energy.

EHS Offers Specialized Service

Throughout the Fort Myers area, we are renowned for our expert solar installation services, and it’s not hard to understand why. Our technicians are specialists who are trained exclusively in the intricacies of solar panel installation. This means no matter the size, shape, or slope of your roof, they will ensure that your panels are properly wired and securely mounted to work flawlessly in delivering the energy savings you seek. In addition:

  • Our panels will likely save you money on your energy bills because they will reduce your reliance on the electric grid.
  • You can expect years of functionality from our panels given that they are built to withstand the elements, including hurricane-strength winds and high-force impacts.
  • We will provide prompt service during the first 12 months following installation if there is any problem that prevents you from realizing the cost-savings we promised

You will also have total assurance that your new panels are protected because they come with a comprehensive 25-year warranty. And, if our panels fail to lower your energy bill by the amount we promised, we will return the difference between what you used to pay and the amount you’re paying after our installation.

Contact Efficient Home Services of Florida when you’re ready to acquire a cost-saving solar panel system for your home in Fort Myers.

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