Services to Make Homes Energy Efficient are Available to Residents of Fort Myers, FL, Thanks to Efficient Home Services of Florida

Energy Efficient Homes Fort Myers Energy efficient homes are often the products of careful planning. In Fort Myers, Florida, one company stands above the pack when it comes to devising plans for homeowners to scale back their energy use – Efficient Home Services of Florida. We are a team of experienced home energy professionals who formed our company with the singular purpose of helping people save money on their electricity bills.

Partnering with EHS means that you will receive a thorough energy audit of your Fort Myers, FL, home. We will closely inspect every part of the house, from the attic insulation and water heater, to the HVAC unit, ductwork, and more, to find areas of energy inefficiency. Once we’re finished, we will put together a package of upgrades to correct any problem areas. Our recommendations, which have been proven to make homes more energy efficient, may include:

  • Attic insulation replacement to help keep your home cool during the summer and warm when the temperatures falls. This service will also ease your HVAC unit’s workload.
  • HVAC installation, since an inefficient unit uses more energy to cool and heat your home. We will gladly install any energy efficient unit you like.
  • Installation of low-profile solar panels engineered for long-lasting functionality to give you years of energy savings.

We will also examine your electricity bill to get an accurate measure of how much electricity you’re using every day. During the first 12 months after our upgrades, if you’re not saving the amount we promised, we will come to your Fort Myers, FL, home to fix the problem for free.

Contact Efficient Home Services of Florida today for more information on how we make homes energy efficient.

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