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Common Myths About Solar Panels Busted

Common Myths About Solar Panels Busted

Common Solar Panel Myths Debunked

In the world of renewable energy, solar panels for homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice. More Americans are asking themselves how they can help the environment and reduce fossil fuel use, and often they determine that residential solar panels are the answer. These systems are cheaper than electric cars and offer a number of other benefits. Unfortunately, as some homeowners look for clean energy options, they may remember solar power rumors and misinformation they’ve heard from friends, families, and neighbors (not to mention many traditional utility companies, who may be hostile to home solar generation). As with any new form of technology, there are many popular misconceptions about solar panels for homes.

If you’re considering residential solar panel installation, make sure you know the difference between fact and fiction.

Myth 1: Solar Panels Only Work In Sunny Weather

While this myth may seem true because of the functional nature of solar panels, it is entirely untrue. Solar panels for homes, corporate buildings, and any other type of structure will work in sunny, cold, cloudy, and even snowy environments. In the same way that you can get sunburned during overcast weather, solar panels can generate power even when conditions are not perfectly ideal. Solar panel technology allows these devices to work just as efficiently in colder temperatures, and sometimes even better than in warmer ones. Cloud coverage does not inhibit their effectiveness either, as they still produce enough power to be viable sources of energy no matter what is happening in the sky.

Myth 2: Solar Panels Will Damage My Roof

As with any other professional service done on your home, solar panel installation should have no negative effects when performed properly. Experienced installers have put solar panels on every type of roof pitch imaginable in all kinds of conditions. The panels are installed a few inches above the existing roof in order to allow for air flow and they weigh no more than a second layer of roofing shingles. In fact, solar panels often extend the life of a roof by protecting it from harmful elements.

Myth 3: Solar Panels Aren’t Worth The Investment

Solar panels for homes tend to pay for themselves within six to 15 years, depending on your location and the exact system. As heating and cooling account for 54% of annual utility bills in an average home, you’ll soon see these expenses decrease once your panels are installed and you begin generating your own electricity. They also increase the resale value of a home by approximately $15,000. Even if you aren’t planning on staying in your home for another 15 years, you’ll see a hefty return on investment by installing solar panels now.

When you invest in solar panels for your home, you’re simultaneously helping the environment and reducing your monthly utility bills. This renewable technology is leading the way in modern energy usage and you’ll need to get on the train now to keep up with the times.

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Common Myths About Solar Panels Busted

Common Myths About Solar Panels Busted


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