Attic Insulation for Your Fort Myers, FL, Home Can Save You Money

Attic Insulation Fort Myers Proper attic insulation helps homes in Fort Myers, Florida, stay cool during the summer and warm when the temperature outside dips, thereby reducing their HVAC units’ workload. But, when the insulation is poor, managing the interior temperature becomes much more challenging. In fact, many homeowners are not even aware that bad insulation is putting a strain on their HVAC system and causing their electricity bills to rise.

At EHS, we are comprehensively trained professionals with years of experience in the home energy industry, so if you need relief from energy expenses, you can trust that we have the knowledge to detect your home’s problem areas and provide you with real solutions. When you call on us, our technicians will assess every part of your home, including attic insulation, to pinpoint areas of energy inefficiency.

After this free energy audit, we will devise a customized package of modifications to ensure your Fort Myers, FL, home, is optimally energy efficient. With attic insulation as an upgrade, customers can expect:

  • A choice of three different types of insulation – radiant barrier, blown-in cellulose, and spray foam – for options that will fit your needs and budget
  • ENERGY STAR® qualified insulation, so you can be confident in the energy efficiency of our products
  • An HVAC unit that will last longer since it won’t have to work as hard to maintain the desired interior temperature

We are so confident that our attic insulation and other home energy products can help save you money that we offer a guarantee. If you don’t lower your energy bills by the amount we promised, we will return the difference between what you used to pay and the amount you’re paying after our upgrades.

To learn more about our attic insulation, or the free energy audits we offer Fort Myers, FL, homeowners, contact Efficient Home Services of Florida today.

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