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6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP

6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP

6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP

If you are weighing the options with installing solar power for your premises in Florida, there are a wide range of reasons to install a solar power system on your roof immediately. Here are some of the most convincing arguments towards the idea of installing solar power on your roof:

It is better for the environment: Around 68% of the electricity that is produced in the United States currently comes from fossil fuels. By making an effort to convert your household over, you can reduce the total amount of the emissions that you produce personally and use renewable energy instead.

It can offer cost savings: Installing solar power as soon as possible will lock in the rate that you pay for electricity. You could save up to $30,000 over the next 25 years by installing a solar power system.

Locking in the cost of energy: Most utility companies will raise the rates of electricity by 6.7% up to 7% each year.

Improves the value of your home: Florida offers a property tax exemption for homes that have solar panel installations from Florida solar companies. This can considerably improve the value of your home especially if you’re planning on selling your home in the near future.

They require little maintenance: Solar panels in Tampa  can be an extremely durable system for your roof. They are designed to last for 25 to 35 years and most come with a warranty for installation. The only maintenance that’s required for most solar power systems is a regular spray down with the hose to prevent dust buildup.

You could sell electricity back to the grid: If you are generating more power than you need from your solar energy system, you could sell some of your excess power back to the grid for even greater cost savings.

The savings on electricity is greater than the monthly solar payment, adding money to your budget every month. Let Efficient Home Services of Florida help you get started at no cost! Schedule a free energy audit today.


6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP

6 Reasons to Install Solar Power ASAP


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