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      Save Up to 70% On Your Electric Bill!

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        Why Choose Efficient Home Services?

        Since our founding in 2011, Efficiency Home Services has built a reputation as an industry leader priding ourselves on the principles of honesty, fairness, superior workmanship, and impeccable customer service with our mission being to save you money. When you partner with EHS, our technicians will come to your home to conduct a free energy audit. From there we will pinpoint areas that are negatively affecting your energy bills by meticulously examining your entire home. The areas we inspect include your attic insulation, thermostat and vents, water heater, windows and doors, outlets, and even the breaker panel. In addition, we will also study your last 12-13 months of electric bills to calculate how much you’re spending on electricity, down to the kilowatt per day. The knowledgeable professionals at EHS do all of this in order to create a customized package of upgrades tailored to fix all of your home’s problem areas, therefore giving you, the homeowner what other companies cannot deliver – real relief from high electric bills.

        No other home energy company serving the southeast offers the range of cost-saving solutions that we do. Other businesses might focus on one component of a home’s energy use, such as solar panel installation, EHS provides services across the spectrum to address every aspect of your home’s energy inefficiencies. The areas of your home’s efficiency we specialize in are Solar Installation, Roofing, Windows, and Battery Storage.

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        WHAT WE DO

        Efficient Home Services

        Solar Panel Installation

        When you make the switch to solar you’re not just decreasing or possibly eliminating a drastic and always changing electric bill that you have to factor into your budget. No, you’re getting a Federal Tax Credit, increasing your home’s value, and helping to make the world a healthier place by reducing harmful emissions.

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        One of the most effective ways to significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills, increase the comfort level, as well as possibly raise the value of your home is to use Spray Foam Insulation in your attic. By spraying foam insulation you also reduce outside noise, pollen and allergens that seep through your walls and prevent moisture from getting into your home. And since it’s longer lasting than any other insulation form it consumes fewer materials, therefore reducing your carbon footprint and helping to keep your household “green”. It is by far a superior insulation solution.

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        Efficient Home Services can help increase your home’s energy-saving capability with our window and door replacement services. Our wide variety of replacement windows and accessories to fit any home, region or climate means you’re guaranteed to find something that beautifully compliments your home and your budget. We are dedicated to providing innovative products that exceed industry standards for quality, reliability, and performance. Allowing us to constantly exceed our customers’ requirements for beautiful, strong and thermally efficient windows is our use of leading-edge technologies and equipment in manufacturing.

        We offer an extensive line of replacement Softlite windows are ENERGY STAR certified products and have consistently earned the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award, which shows they’re committed to producing industry-leading energy-efficient windows. All of our products are built to last and are backed by an on-going commitment to our customers who buy them.

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        Your home’s entry door can make or break the exterior appeal of your home as it’s one of the most key features. By replacing your older doors, especially your home’s entry door with new energy efficient ones that have good insulating qualities will give your home a beautiful new look, add value to your property as well as increase your energy savings. EHS offers many different shapes, styles and sizes of energy efficient doors for you to choose from that’s right for your home.

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        Battery Storage

        The eco-watt box reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing electricity otherwise lost from the motors in your home. The unit supplies the stored electricity back to your appliances, decreasing demand from the utility. Decreasing demand means less usage and lower electric bills! Designed with the homeowner in mind, providing lower energy bills, increased motor, and appliance life, for all the equipment within your home.


        What our customers have to say

        Flawless experience from EHS! We were very impressed with the quality of install on our home. Everyone that I gave dealt with has been very professional and I have already referred my realtor to them as well.


        Roland was absolutely the best solar consultant you could have! He always made himself available for questions (even on the weekends) and was knowledgeable in all aspects of solar technology. He made us feel comfortable the whole time and never pressured us. We could not be more satisfied. Highly recommend this company. He was truly a professional and represented his company well.


        Thanks to my rep Faustino who has gone above and beyond his service. I was very frustrated earlier with an issue and he took the time to sit down with me to explain in detail , offer resolution, make recommendations and take the necessary changes to improve the efficiency of our system. It was greatly appreciated and I am happy with the outcome. Thanks to Faustino. EHS is back in our good graces.

        Teresa Rolls

        The install team did an excellent job installing the solar on my home. Everyone that I have come in contact with with this company has been very helpful and knowledgeable. The longest part of the project was getting Duke out to change my meter.

        Gary C.

        This process for getting our solar system set up was extremely easy! Dealing with Haines city for inspections was a pain but we are happy that our system is on now. The install crew completed the project all in one day and they were very professional!

        Linda R.

        This was by far the best company to work with! Everyone is so efficient and friendly. All of our questions were answered quickly and completely. Kim in the office is amazing and Ro was super friendly and knowledgeable! We highly recommend this company!

        Lynn Hendricks

        I had an install 4-10-17 of Thermal Guard (reflective roof barrier), solar attic fan, blow-in insulation, eco-box. the attic temp before installation was 130 degrees at 1:00pm. Today during post inspection follow-up the attic temperature was 90 degrees at 1:00 pm. Wow! The installers were prompt, courteous, quick, efficient, cleaned up before leaving. EHS will track my electric bills for 1 year for effectiveness. The sales person (Chris) was knowledgeable, courteous. I am very happy with my investment.

        L. Zambito

        I had 22 solar panels installed the project manager was a huge help keeping things moving. She was on top of everything and kept me up to date. Between installing, inspection, and finally getting duke to install my meter it was a long process. But Amber was on top of it the whole way.

        Cory White

        Dana came to our home today and explained the products, government rebates, and financing very thoroughly!! I would highly recommend him to anyone interested in home improvements!!!

        Ellen Meister

        Very professional, great work and it looks amazing! Highly recommend!

        Alyssa Muller

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